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Fargo, ND


Nine older neighborhoods surrounding Fargo’s resurgent downtown were experiencing a range of issues, from disinvestment to insensitive infill to difficulties competing for young families. The city needed a process that would identify shared and localized issues and provide a blueprint for strategic interventions.

Fargo, ND work

Johnstown, PA


Decades of disinvestment in Greater Johnstown’s housing stock were putting it further and further behind other regions. To begin to make its housing more appealing and competitive, the community needed a strategy to accelerate the adaptive reuse of underutilized downtown properties.

Greenville, SC


The City of Greenville had grown and prospered thanks to decades of work to cultivate a high quality of life. But growth—accompanied by higher rents, worsening traffic, and the consumption of open space—also threatened Greenville’s continued livability. The city needed a plan to help it grow differently and set clear priorities.

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"czb is an extraordinary group, whom I think of as representing the state of the art in urban planning and housing studies. They don’t just follow a playbook, but think deeply about each community with which they are engaged. Their work is precise, detailed and yet broad in its outlook, and thoroughly grounded in a commitment to equity and opportunity for low-income and vulnerable populations."

- Alan Mallach | Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress

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