GREENVILLE Development Code

Greenville, SC

what kind of development code is necessary to implement a city's brand new vision?


In 2019 and 2020, czb partnered with Greenville to create the city's new comprehensive plan, GVL2040.

The plan articulates the Greenville community's core values and planning principles that will to serve as the basis for its growth-related decision making in the next two decades. By prioritizing open space and the environment, affordable housing opportunities, economic development, and transportation and mobility, GVL2040 provides a blueprint for its future.

But GVL2040 is a policy-level document and does not, on its own, regulate development. The City’s development code provides the legal requirements, and for the code to be both lawful and effective, it must align with GVL2040. In addition, a new code for Greenville will increase predictability of process and outcomes for homeowners, contractors, professional builders, designers, and other community stakeholders affected by development.

czb is leading a team of experts to create development codes that align with GVL2040's community priorities.

Ingalls Planning & Design

Code Studio

Weston Consulting

MRB Group

Working groups provide local knowledge and perspectives.

These groups will help the team understand the potential

impacts of the new development code on key constituencies.

Specific sub-areas will provide opportunities for additional visioning and code testing efforts.

The City identified five areas for additional visioning work and testing of potential new code tools. Areas were chosen as representative examples because they feature common issues found throughout the city. Local representatives will help guide visioning and code testing efforts in these areas.


Stone and Main District

Greater Sullivan Neighborhood

McAlister Square

North Laurens Road

Code Connection's online forum answers questions from community members and provides progress updates.

Monthly Code Connection sessions facilitate two-way conversations with members of the Greenville community, city staff and the consultant team. Information is available on the city's project website.