we are PLANNERS AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS WHO BELIEVE every community can be better.



Research and Analysis

  • Demographic, social, and economic data

  • Real estate data

  • Property conditions survey

  • Trends and conditions

  • Market strength analysis

  • Housing affordability gap analysis

  • Zoning and regulatory review

  • Visualization and graphic design

  • Mapping and GIS capacity

Facilitation and Engagement

  • Workshops for elected and planning bodies

  • Training for professional staff

  • Project committee processes

  • Custom designed public engagement

  • Surveys

  • Interactive public events

Community and Strategic Planning

  • Housing analysis and strategy

  • Neighborhood revitalization strategy

  • Citywide, comprehensive, and small area planning

  • Strategic planning for organizations

Program and Regulatory Design

  • Organizational analysis and restructuring

  • Revitalization programs

  • Housing programs

  • Zoning updates and amendments

Implementation and Follow-Up

  • Post-project advisory service

  • Board retreat facilitation

  • Staff training and coaching

  • Formal progress review

  • Minor plan/strategy updates