Rochester, NY

which types of housing data and analysis create the best foundation for a comprehensive plan?


The City of Rochester, NY, hired czb in 2018 to produce a citywide housing market study that would be used to inform the development of a new comprehensive plan. A detailed block-level portrait of market strength across the city emerged through czb’s analysis of local datasets— defining areas of strength and momentum, areas of continued weakness, and areas that were stable yet highly vulnerable to decline. The study also provided strategic direction on outcomes to achieve in different markets to guide interventions by the City and its partners. Data and policy direction from the study became essential content for the comprehensive plan adopted by the City in 2019.

Assessment & Analysis

Using dozens of data sources, czb created a robust market typology to illustrate Rochester's varying levels of market strength, all the way down to the block level. This fine grained analysis allows the city to devise strategically targeted housing and neighborhood interventions.