Choices for a stronger


Delaware County and the City of Muncie, IN

How can a county and its core city collaborate on an implementable vision for the future?


A slowly declining population over five decades, combined with accelerated job loss and deindustrialization since 2000, have produced a number of challenges for Muncie, its surrounding suburbs, and rural parts of Delaware County. These include a decline in housing conditions, rising poverty, sprawl without growth, and strained public finances.

TogetherDM has been underway since January and is a rare effort to produce a shared county-city comprehensive plan, stemming from a recognition that issues and resources transcend municipal boundaries. The process is scheduled to produce a Delaware-Muncie Comprehensive Plan as well as a Muncie Strategic Investment Plan to provide detailed implementation guidance within the city.

Through the crafting of implementable plans that reflect widely shared values and the community’s top priorities, TogetherDM will provide leaders and organizations throughout Delaware-Muncie with tools for making consistent, well-informed, and strategic decisions with their resources to achieve well-defined outcomes.

Community input will guide priorities, goals and strategies

A month-long survey in March, input from the project’s Steering Committee, and small group conversations facilitated by committee members are all helping to guide the identification of issues as focal points for the community.

Steering Committee
Kitchen Table Conversations
Online Surveys

Stay tuned

Community engagement efforts will continue through the fall of 2021, culminating in two essential plans to guide strategic investments in the Delaware-Muncie region for years to come.

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