Onondaga County, NY

how well matched is a county's housing supply to its changing market?


Onondaga County is Central New York's largest county, with the City of Syracuse sitting in its center. czb's work in Syracuse identified a number of critical urban housing issues, but the surrounding area faces its own challenges related to affordability for low-income households as well as a changing market where the number of older and smaller households are on the rise. The existing housing supply, as well as newly built housing, may not be well matched to the households of the future. czb's analysis of housing need and housing demand will be completed in the spring of 2024.

Preliminary data findings suggest a county trending in a new demographic direction.

Suburban areas of Onondaga County have traditionally been dominated by single-family detached home ownership. Early findings illustrate the extent to which traditional homebuying households, including married couple families with children, are on the decline, and the number of elderly homeowners is rising as longtime owners age into their golden years. Furthermore, the majority of suburban household growth has been among renter households, who are living both in housing units built for rental purposes and increasingly in single-family houses that have converted to rentals. Suburban housing markets will need to adapt to this changing demographic landscape.