City Council Approves Land Management Ordinance

City of Greenville, SC

Original Announcement

June 14, 2021

At their June 14 formal meeting, Greenville City Council approved the contract to revise the City’s Land Management Ordinance (LMO).

In February 2021, Council adopted the GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan. The long-range plan includes recommendations on future land use with a focus on neighborhood preservation, affordable housing, mobility, open spaces and economic development. The City’s current LMO is incompatible with those recommendations and requires substantial revision.

After a competitive bid process, the City selected the firm czbLLC to complete the LMO rewrite. The process is expected to take a team of planning professionals approximately 18 months and will include significant public input. The GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan is a “high level” guidebook that calls for future development in pockets with connecting corridors. The LMO contains the specific regulatory language that defines zoning for all property in the City.